Thursday, 10 November 2011

History in the making

The Cardiff Story Museum team was joined by students, cardiffdigs, environmental champions and volunteers for a student consultation yesterday.
The museum is developing a new gallery to celebrate Cardiff’s History and held a focus group to get views and ideas about Cardiff’s Communities, Leisure, Culture and Sport.

The group came up with some noteworthy ideas. During the session opinions were raised about how students interact with the city, how they spend their spare time, what communities they feel a part of, what the impacts of sport on the city are and what their initial reactions have been to moving into Cardiff among other discussions.

Lucie Connors who led the group discussion said it was a very ‘interesting and lively event with some unique ideas coming through’ that left her busy scribbling key points. Some very interesting ideas around the impact of gaming and technology on leisure time for students was talked about along with how transitory Cardiff was for some people and students, what Cardiff offers for students who choose not to drink alcohol, how easy or difficult it was to find a sense of community and how the museum could develop to attract visitors with some ideas about photography being brought to the table.

Discover the history of Cardiff through the eyes of the people.
The Museum is open and free to visit:

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