Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Environmental Champions and Police Initiative out in force

We had a huge turn out last night with 25 people in attendance on our community walkabout with lots of agencies represented including the police, waste management, landlords and letting agents, councillors, student sabbatical officers, community members and students volunteering their time. We are very grateful and extremely enthused with the progress of the scheme and the partnership working.

Police and Waste Management jointly led teams around the community and Cardiff Student Union provided a bus so that we could go further afield.

With the bus last night we were able to tackle areas further afield. We door knocked every house on Mackintosh Place, Moy Road, Richard St, Harriet St, Malefant and Dogfield St and parts of Miskin St giving out waste responsibility advice, making sure everyone was aware of the first stage of the enforcement letter and how to ensure they were correctly presenting waste to avoid £100 fines; that it wasn’t a black bag/bin collection day the following day but only recycling and food waste alongside the police safety advice of securing doors and windows.

Waste advice:

Security advice:

We have the opportunity to follow up this event by helping the police with their community walkabouts prior to the end of term. These will concentrate on the ‘Going Home for Holiday’ advice. And includes all the safety information students and residents need including waste advice.

These will take place on the 6th and 13th of December

Please meet 4.30pm 3rd Floor Students Union.
Wear a festive hat (optional not essential)

If you can help us please come along and thank you once again for all your support thus far

Don’t forget to check out Environmental Champions in the latest issue of Unity News

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