Friday, 28 January 2011

Refreshers Week

Cardiff University Students’ Union is launching its Refreshers Week campaign this Monday on the 31st January, which is an event targeted at getting students thinking about trying new things. It aims to capitalise on 5 of the most common New Years Resolutions with its 5 themed days.

Refresh your Diet

Refresh your Future

Refresh your Activities

Refresh your Health and Well Being

Refresh your Creativity

On Monday the Keep Cardiff Tidy ‘Get It Out For Cardiff’ campaign alongside Raise And Give and will be hosting a re-sale event of kitchen equipment so that students can buy all the essentials they need to help them cook up a storm to refresh their diet. The sale will take place in the Union Monday morning from 11am.

Monday is Refresh your Diet, centred around healthy eating and trying new recipes and food ideas. UK MasterChef Peter Gorton will be attending the event and will be cooking throughout the day, doing demonstrations and cooking tasters during the Festival of Food. There are also two evening events in Student Ready, Steady Cook and the Jungle Café (with bugs and more to try!)

Tuesday is Refresh your Future, a day centred on looking at career options and how to improve employability of students. There is a Careers Fair running throughout the day alongside several workshops on how to network, set up a business etc.

Wednesday is Refresh your Activities, another opportunity for students to get involved with sports clubs and societies at University. There will be a huge Activities Fair running all day with demonstrations and performances, before the Annual Dodgeball tournament taking place in the evening!

Thursday is Refresh your Health and Well Being, a chance for students to get a “body MOT” courtesy of the Healthcare Schools at Cardiff (such as dentists, nurses, physiotherapists etc.). There are also several classes in Yoga and Meditation alongside holistic treatments such as massage.

Friday is Refresh your Creativity, which aims to encourage students to try out a new creative outlet. Throughout the day there are Art sessions, “give it a go” dance sessions and also creative writing sessions. The best pieces will be included in the Creativity supplement included in Cardiff Union’s newspaper, the Gair Rhydd.

So come along and Refresh yourself!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I Will For Wales has signed up to Keep Wales Tidy’s ‘I Will For Wales’ campaign because everyone should do their bit to look after their local environment.

The ‘I Will For Wales’ campaign asks people to make a New Year’s Resolution online at You can pick one out of ten simple pledges relating to rubbish or create your own.

I would encourage everyone to sign up. has signed up because we strongly support Keep Wales Tidy’s belief that small changes in our daily lives can make a huge difference to our communities. Keep Wales Tidy is asking people to make small changes to their lifestyles that will make huge differences to their local communities.

Lesley Jones, Chief Executive of Keep Wales Tidy, said:

“More than £70 million a year is spent on cleaning Welsh streets. We believe that a cleaner Wales can only be achieved by changing people’s attitudes. Our New Year campaign aims to help Welsh towns and cities rid their streets of graffiti, chewing gum, discarded plastic bags, dog mess and cigarette butts by getting the public to think about the consequences of their behaviour and sign up online to make positive changes that can make a lasting difference to the way our local communities look”

To make a difference to your local community, sign a pledge online at

Second Hand Bike Sale

The next sale is at Cardiff Cycle Workshop on Sat 29th Jan 10am - 12pm.

Cardiff Cycle Workshop, Unit 4 Ely Brewery Workshops, Cardiff CF5 4AQ (easily accessible by bus or train journey planner:

They’ve got some really funky bikes this month as well as the more standard ones. Some of the bikes can be seen at

Plus on Saturday afternoon Cardiff Cycle Workshop are running their first Bike Kitchen. This is an open workshop session where, for £5, people with some bike maintenance experience can come and use the stands and tools to work on their own bikes. Two of our mechanics will be on hand for any advice needed and certain parts such as blocks and cables will be available to buy at discounted rates. Same place, 1pm-3pm, first come/first served.

All the details are here:

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cardiff Rivers Group

Cardiff Rivers Group’s first event of 2011 will take place this Saturday and will be the biggest yet!!!!

We will be carrying out a clean-up around Blackweir and will be joined by 170 members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints....yes, you read it correctly, 170 extra volunteers!!

Meeting point is the Blackweir footbridge in Bute Park 10am

Keep Wales Tidy will manage the event and will provide equipment and tools, and all volunteers are covered under insurance. All you have to do is turn up in suitable clothing and wear sturdy footwear/wellies and bring some water.

It will probably take a miracle to create a litter-free Wales but 170 members of the Church of the Latter-day Saints hope to show that a joint effort can begin to make a big difference.

They will be joining volunteers from the Cardiff Rivers Group and Keep Wales Tidy as they clean up Bute Park in support of the ‘I Will for Wales’ campaign.

If you would like to sign up to the ‘I will for Wales’ campaign and get involved in work to improve your local environment with Keep Wales Tidy or Cardiff Rivers Group, please contact Chris Partridge on 07717 412 270 or email

Monday, 24 January 2011

The Future of Cardiff Bus Station - Your chance to have your say!

The Future of Cardiff Bus Station - Your chance to have your say!

Cardiff Council is undertaking a public consultation on the future of its Central Bus Station.

The public consultation explains why Cardiff Council is looking at plans to improve the bus station, show the ideas being considered, how they are being developed and to gather views from the public and organisations interested in the bus station’s future. It also sets out a number of different options being considered.

The consultation follows a series of workshops undertaken with key stakeholders including transport operators and access groups.

At the workshops a number of different ideas were considered including:

 A redesigned bus station with improved accessibility and comfortable

 passenger waiting area

 A bus station on the car park behind the railway station

 No central bus station but smaller bus stations around the city centre

 A bus station on Callaghan Square

 A bus station on the site of Marland House, near the railway station

 Leaving the station as it is

 Existing bus station with a new shelter

The workshops discounted a number of these for practical and cost reasons and generated three preferred ideas for the public to consider:

OPTION A - Leave the existing station as it is;

OPTION B: Use the existing bus station with new passenger waiting area

OPTION C: Provide a redesigned bus station with improved accessibility and comfortable passenger waiting area

The public is being invited to contribute on these options via a questionnaire:

This feedback will be considered along with the views from organisations involved. The options will then be assessed again taking into account the feedback and one preferred option will be selected for further development.

The consultation will run from December 10th 2010 to February 14th 2011.

Updates on the modernisation of the bus station will be posted on the Keeping Cardiff Moving website:

Welcome back

After a Christmas and New Years break that included jumping off the world’s highest bungee jump bridge! we are back up and running ready for this academic term.

We want to send our best wishes and good luck to all students sitting exams at the moment.

Upcoming in the next few weeks is re-freshers week, a Get It Out For Cardiff re-sale event, UWIC Student Union awareness week, the latest Unity news and other exciting activities which we will keep you informed about so make sure you keep checking the blog and a belated Happy New Years to all our readers