Thursday, 14 March 2013

Filming/Editing Opportunity with Cardiff Council

Become involved in a new volunteering opportunity working with Emma Robson, the Student Liaison Officer for Cardiff County Council on a 2 week filming/editing project.

You need to have basic experience in film and editing and be able to provide a commitment of 2 weeks over the Easter period.

This is a brilliant opportunity where you have the opportunity to work with a number of different departments in Cardiff County Council in order to enhance the Cardiff Digs Website.

Cardiff Digs is a central resources for all students who need information and advice about their housing and living needs. It covers five main areas - Housing, Health and Safety, Community, Waste & Recycling and Sustainability. For each area you will work with Emma to produce a small video introducing each section.

A reference can be provided at the end of the 2 week project. If you are interested in this opportunity or would like extra information can you please email Emma Robson - by Friday 22nd March.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Student Safety Bus Moving Forward

WRISTBANDS with advice on responsible drinking and how to stay safe are being given to students as part of a joint initiative between Cardiff Students’ Union and South Wales Police.

The information bands are provided to passengers on the city’s Student Safety Bus once they have been safely returned home after a night out.

The bands direct the wearer to the Cardiff Digs website containing advice on sensible drinking, personal safety and more information on the bus.

Cardiff Student Liaison Officer Emma Robson said: “The student safety bus has been hugely successful but it was our understanding that some individuals who were taken home or to hospital, may not realise how they got there due to their vulnerable state.

“The student safety bus wristbands have been introduced to promote responsible drinking and hopefully serve as a reminder about how vulnerable they were the night before.

“The bands are not there to ‘tag’ or embarrass individuals – our aim is to encourage students to stay safe when enjoying a night out in Cardiff.”

The Student Safety Bus was introduced in May 2011 to reduce robberies and assaults in the early hours of the morning by identifying vulnerable people and taking them home.

This bus which takes home on average around 6 or 7 students in a night is supplied free of charge by Cardiff Students’ Union and driven by police student volunteers,

Emma Robson said: “Only individuals who may not realise how they got home will receive a wristband. The wristband does not act like a ‘bus ticket’, not everyone who is taken home by the bus will receive one.’

Student liaison officer Pc Tim Davies said: “The Cardiff Students’ Union wristbands are provided to users of the Student Safety Bus once they have been safely taken home.

“They have a QR-code which directs students to a website containing advice on sensible drinking, personal safety and more information on the bus.

“The scheme is just one of a range of initiatives in the Cathays area designed to keep students safe and compliments local policing including increased patrols at key times and plain-clothed operations.

“Cardiff is safe city and we continue to work hard with our partners to keep it that way.”