Thursday, 29 March 2012

Police tackle burglaries in Cathays and Roath

A POLICE operation to tackle burglaries in Cardiff has resulted in more than 15 properties being searched and 10 arrests being made.

Operation Chimera was launched to target burglars operating in Cathays and Roath and also suppliers of Class A controlled drugs.

Properties in Diamond Street, Mackintosh Place, Rhymney Street, Allensbank Road, and Gold Street were among those searched on Thursday and Friday.

A further warrant was carried out on Saturday in City Road.

Sergeant Matt Powell from the Central Priority Police Team said:

"Cathays traditionally has higher number of burglaries than other parts of the city with laptops being the most common item stolen. Unfortunately the high-number of multi-occupancy properties provides rich pickings for criminals who know that most students will have valuables such as laptops and IPod that can be easily carried and sold on.

The link between acquisitive crime and drug addiction is well known. Drug dependant offenders need to raise money to buy drugs and many will commit crime such as burglary to feed their habit.

This operation has therefore been aimed at targeting those suspected of breaking into homes, selling stolen properties and dealing drugs."

Operation Chimera involved officers from the Central Priority Police Team, drug squad, CID, Neighbourhood Policing Team and Community Safety.

Results include:

· 16-year-old male from Diamond Street arrested for burglary and handling stolen goods.

· An 18 year old female from Allensbank Road was arrested on suspicion of theft

· A 34-year-old man and 33-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of money laundering after £5,000 cash was found in Mackintosh Place

· In Rhy! mney Street a 43-year-old man was arrested for possession of heroin an d a 23-year-old man was arrested for theft.

· A 24-year-old man was arrested for a dwelling burglary which occurred in Emerald Street, Cardiff on March 16.

· A 26 year old man was arrested and is currently in police custody after a business premises on City Road, Cardiff was searched. Offcers seized 24 lap tops 3 of which have already been confirmed as stolen; 26 mobile phones 2 of which have already been confirmed as stolen; 3 digital cameras; 2 pink ipods; 2 ps3's; 2 Wii; 1 Wii fit; 1 Satellite Navigation System; 2 Japanese quartz watch sets with a photograph of a Japanese female in one of the boxes; a Nicky Clarke hairdryer.

· A 31 year old male from Gold Street, and a 32 year old male of no fixed abode were arrested for Possession with Intent to Supply Heroin

· More than 300 homes and business were visited by Community Safety Team in City Road and! surrounding streets including Kincraig Street, Pearson Street, and Treharris Street. These visits explained the police action in the area and were an opportunity for residents to discuss any concerns.

Sgt Powell added: "Hopefully this operation will send a clear message to those who commit crimes such as burglary in Roath and Cathays. Burglary is a crime that dramatically affects peoples lives and it will not tolerated."

"If anyone has any information about criminality in the area they can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

For all your student safety advice to prevent being a victim of burglary visit here

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Environmental Champions and Student Police Initiative

Dear all, a huge thank you to all our volunteers last night. We had over 30 people in attendance with lots of agencies represented. I am very grateful.

Volunteer briefing

We door knocked key areas around Wyeverne Road, Richards and Harriet Street, Colum Road and areas around Woodville road.

People were very receptive to us; we gave out waste responsibility messages regarding collections and worked alongside the Student Police Initiative reminding people about safety and security. This advice is especially important with the end of term approaching. We were ensuring that people were aware that the last collection prior to the end of term of black bins and bags was that week and to ensure waste was removed prior to the end of term.

A range of agencies was represented

We reminded people to make sure their house was safe and secure and if going home to take all valuables with them. Once again we came across houses with insecure front doors and spoke to residents of the risks of being a target for burglary.

We also gave out vehicle safety advice as there has been a recent spate of theft from vehicles; the message is to remove all items from the car, leaving nothing on show as even something as seemingly insignificant as 50p is temptation enough for someone to smash a window and grab whatever is visible.

Thank you to all that helped this joint initiative with the student police initiative, we had waste management, landlords, landlords forum, students, community members, councillors, police, pcso’s, security staff represented and working in partnership on this.

Please circulate this information to all who might have missed it:

Monday, 19 March 2012

Environmental Champions walkabout

Community Walkabout with the Student Police Initiative

20th March Meet 4.30pm 3rd Floor Students Union

We want to ensure that people leaving for Easter are presenting their waste correctly and they have all the safety advice they need prior to leaving for the end of term.

All going home for holiday advice that we will be giving out can be found here

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cardiff Rivers Group Plea – stop using toilet as a wet bin

20 Volunteers from Cardiff Rivers Group continued to improve the rivers of Cardiff on Sunday as they cleansed the riverbanks in Llandaff.

Volunteers painstakingly collected rubbish that had been brought downstream in the winter floods and caught up in the overhanging branches.

Together they collected 28 bags of rubbish (most of which was sanitary waste), 2 trolleys, 4 bikes, kids car seat, moped and engine, remains of an oil drum, gas canister, metal dustbin and a car wheel and tyre. All rubbish was disposed of by Cardiff County Council’s Parks Department.

Christmas Tree effect - waste hanging from tree branches

Louise Tambini, of Cardiff Rivers Group said, “This part of the River Taff suffers from what we call the ‘Christmas tree’ effect. When the river runs high, lots of items, especially plastic, gets stuck in the bankside vegetation which makes the area look very unsightly indeed. To remove this trapped litter is a painstaking task as each piece has to individually removed”.

“Unfortunately much of the rubbish is sanitary waste that has been flushed down the toilet. This could be easily prevented if people simply stopped using their toilet as wet bin. Cardiff Rivers Group would like to make a plea to people to ‘bag it and bin it’ – don’t flush it!! Dwr Cymru Welsh Water runs the ‘Dirty Dozen’ campaign view here which highlights the things we should NOT flush. It would be great if people could help spread this message”, she added.

Cardiff Rivers Group formed in 2009 as part of the ‘Tidy Towns’ project: a partnership between Keep Wales Tidy and Welsh local authorities. Funded by the Welsh Government it supports the people of Wales to improve the quality of their local environment.

Cardiff Rivers Group are always looking for new volunteers, so if you would like to lend a hand, please contact Louise Tambini on 07824 504790 or e-mail

Volunteers working on removing waste hanging from tree branches

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Going Home for Holidays

With the end of term approaching we have created a ‘Going Home for Holidays’ advice poster available from the homepage and through the link here

This runs through advice about end of term house responsibilities, safety and waste/recycling advice for your homes. Please take note of this advice to ensure you and your house is secure and doesn’t become a target for burglary or waste enforcement

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Join in some litter picks and rivers cleans


This Friday CFMEP will be tackling the park behind Pentwyn Leisure Centre.
They will be joined by Pupils from St. Philip Evans Primary School.

They have 3 pairs of waders in case anyone is brave enough to clear bits from the stream

All equipment provided, just Chris know if you plan on coming along
07717 412 270

Map here:

Cardiff Rivers Group

Next event will take place this Sunday 11th March where they will be cleaning the River Taff in Llandaff.

Meeting point: Llandaff Rowing Club Car park

Meeting Time: 12pm (time to get over your hangover)

Finish time: 2pm (so you can still catch Eng v France match)

All equipment and insurance provided, and all waste will be collected by Cardiff County Council’s Parks Department.

Just turn up in suitable clothing and footwear and please let Louise know if you are coming along so they can bring enough equipment
07824 504790

Give cold-callers a cold reception

Cardiff Council’s Trading Standards is warning residents about a recent rise in popularity of an old-style phone scam. The fraudsters dupe unsuspecting cardholders into handing over their card and revealing their PIN by pretending to be from either their bank, card company, or even the police.

As with most crimes of this type it often has a significant impact on the victims.

The scam begins with the fraudster phoning up, typically claiming to be from the security or fraud department of the prospective victim’s bank, saying that their records have flagged up a fraudulent transaction on their card. By seeming to offer assistance, the fraudster hopes to gain the victim’s trust.

The fraudster then asks the victim to write down their PIN – and place it in an envelope with their card – and advises the victim that they will send a courier to collect it. The fraudster then hires a genuine courier to collect the envelope that contains the victim’s card and PIN. The courier, who is an unwitting pawn in the scam, then hands over the envelope to the fraudster, who uses the card and PIN to withdraw money from cash machines.

Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council, Councillor Judith Woodman, said: “It is important that everyone is aware of the tactics used by these con-artists so they can make sure their more vulnerable and elderly neighbours, family and friends know what they should do to protect themselves. You should never disclose your PIN or any personal financial information as a result of someone cold-calling you over the phone – wherever they claim to be from. If you think you have already been a victim of this scam, contact your bank or card company immediately.”

The courier scam can be stopped easily, provided cardholders:

· Never share their PIN with anyone (including the police or their bank)

· Be wary when receiving unsolicited phone calls from people claiming to be from their bank or card company. If in doubt, call the bank or card company back on a number you know to be correct.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Environmental Champions new events

Thank you to those that came along to the SVC Beach Clean and Gardening Project at the Riverside Community Allotment last week. They were both great events and we really appreciated you coming along!


We have scheduled in a MRF Tour – next Wednesday 14th March, 3pm

We have a rare opportunity to go on a tour around the MRF (Materials Reclamation Facility) The hi-tech machinery is capable of dealing with 90,000 tonnes of Cardiff’s recyclable waste. We have 6 places on a first come first serve basis. Learn all about how Cardiff is leading the way in recycling and how our walkabouts are making a difference.

E-mail to book a place

(Transport will be provided to the site in Lamby Way so you will need to be available at 2pm 3rd Floor Student Union, the tour will last an hour or so)

Events happening over the next 2 weeks!

Fairtrade Olive Tasting; with visiting olive farmers from Palestine, a unique opportunity to meet the producers at the beginning of the fair trade chain. Chapter Arts Centre, Tonight 7th March, 6.30-8.30pm

Fairtrade Walk - this Saturday, 10th March for Fairtrade fortnight. Meeting at Albany Road Primary School at 10.30am. If you are interested in being a steward for the event just turn up on the day and meet the walk leader, Jenn Nelson

Community Walkabout with the student police initiative
20th March Meet 4.30pm 3rd Floor Students Union

We want to ensure that people leaving for Easter are presenting their waste correctly and they have all the safety advice they need prior to leaving for the end of term.

Waste Awareness Wales are promoting the Love Food Hate Waste campaign and are asking for a volunteer household to keep a food diary for a week. Participants would need to be willing to have their photograph taken for the local paper. Please contact us if you are interested and want more details