Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bric-a-Brac donation

The Lord Mayors Charity, LATCH has received a donation of £439.55 from the proceeds of a Bric-a-Brac sale held at Cardiff Students Union.

Raise and Give in association with the Student Liaison Officer, Cardiffdigs.co.uk, Cardiff Self Storage and ‘Get It Out For Cardiff’ helped with the fundraising.

The bric-a-brac items were donated and collected during the ‘Get It Out for Cardiff’ campaign by students leaving at the end of term last year and stored with Cardiff Self Storage over the summer.

The charity idea administered by Kieran McCann, Cardiff Council’s Student Liaison Officer and the Waste Management recycling team meant that Raise and Give were able to sell the items at heavily reduced prices. All donated items that were reusable were sold including kitchen equipment such as saucepans, frying pans, and cutlery and all those essential household items.

Students expressed delight at being able to pick up a bargain, while helping charity at the same time, some others said it meant that they wouldn’t have to raid their parents/guardians cupboards for all the equipment – and that mum would be delighted to still have her kitchen intact.

The event not only offered items at bargain prices but also hopes to encourage students to reduce waste and reuse household items; a financial and environmental winner as people can get their house kitted out without having to purchase new.

Councillor Judith Woodman, Cardiff Council Executive Member for Communities, Housing and Social Justice said: “The sale has completed the recycling circle; what students were prepared to throw out at the end of term is exactly what our returning students need. Storing the donated goods and setting up the sale has helped reduce waste by stopping people having to buy new, saved everyone money, prevented landfill and donated to a very worthwhile charity”

Darryl Light Finance and Commercial Officer for Cardiff Students Union said: "This event is a fantastic opportunity for students to decrease their environmental foot print by donating used items which would otherwise go to a landfill. It also gives students the opportunity to pick up some items they would buy new at a discounted rate, including some oddities. I want to thank RAG and Kieran for the successful running of the event, and hope we can hold another sale soon."

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Reconditioned Bike Sale

This Saturday Cardiff Cycle Workshop is holding a reconditioned bike sale.
23rd October, 1000 – 1200

Cardiff Cycle Workshop
Unit 4 Ely Brewery Workshops
Wroughton Place

A range of secondhand bikes will be on sale at affordable rates, including classic retro models. All bikes are fully serviced by trained mechanics. Various makes and sizes will be sold at between £5 and £60

Also don’t forget – ‘What do you think of cycling in Cardiff?’

The Cardiff Council Cycling Consultation is still underway and today and this Saturday you can give your feedback at 107 Queen Street
21st and 23rd October. 1000-1900 (21st) 1000-1700 (23rd)

Cardiff Council, in association with ARK LAB are asking for your feedback on Cardiff Council's Draft Cycling Network Strategy. This strategy aims to develop and expand the cycling network within Cardiff and encourage more people to choose cycling more often. In addition an online survey has been launched at http://www.blogger.com/www.ark-lab.co.uk/survey.

On the 23rd from 1pm - 4pm Cardiff Cycle Workshop will be running a Dr Bike and Puncture clinic where you can get some bike maintenance for free, or learn how to fix a puncture.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

From Halls to House

In the first in a series of guest blogs we asked a student from Cardiff to write about their experiences of moving from halls to house and into the community of Cathays. Rachel a 2nd year Maths Student at Cardiff University tells us what was involved….

I lived in Talybont for my first year, and now am living in the student area Cathays. Moving into a privately rented house was really exciting but also a really scary prospect and even more daunting in reality. I don’t think you realise that living in halls is a comfy life when faced with having a home to look after and keep in order. Considerations of moving into my house started way before the actual day I moved; who to live with, what landlord/agent to go with, whether I knew if my contract was legal and if my deposit was safe, the best location in Cathays, what all of us living in the house agreed on as there was a lot that we disagreed on…. As you can see it was a definite learning curve.

When I moved in I realised how the little things in life before this move had passed me by somewhat; when bin days are, the value of knowing people in your neighbourhood, the fact that bills have to be paid and being home alone when the noise outside is pretty intimidating at 3:00am in the morning.

However, the most challenging aspect of having a home to look after have been the bills, a major stumbling block for us as it rather relies on the previous tenants clearing the bills, to ensure a smooth handover for us, this unfortunately was not the case, so we had a bit of chasing to do to resolve it.

Further problems arise when the appliances that you’ve had for a year start to pack in after being used by 7 people in halls for a year, first the toaster then microwave then the kettle, a series of misfortunate events, of which we have had to negotiate as a house of 5 how we will pay for it and whether we are all in the financial position to be able to contribute. This resulted in us setting up a joint bank account for house costs, something that requires great trust and responsibility within a group of people who have only known each other for a year.

Living in a student house is something, however, that I have adjusted to quickly. I have had to, to be able to continue my studies, living in a house is an unavoidable reality of life, taking the step in the big wide world, which I thought I did last year, but seemingly not. This year has definitely been the character builder.

It’s only when you start to write it all down have I realised the massive changes me and the rest of us moving out of halls have had to manage in a short space of time. In short I am looking forward to the rest of the year which I’m sure will bring great challenges and much delight which I am sure will make me a totally different person to who I entered student life as.

If you are interested in writing about your experiences and thoughts on student life then contact me at kmccann@cardiff.gov.uk

For advice and guidance of moving from hall to house visit:

What do you think about cycling in Cardiff?

Come and tell us!

Cardiff Council, in association with ARK LAB are asking for your feedback on Cardiff Council's Draft Cycling Network Plan. This strategy aims to develop and expand the cycling network within Cardiff and encourage more people to choose cycling more often.

On 16th, 21st and 23rd of October we will be taking over 107 Queen Street (opposite the Capitol Shopping Centre) and we would like to invite you to come along and give your opinion.

We will also be running a variety of fun and useful events, here's the programme so far:

• Saturday 16th October - 10am-5pm
11am -12pm & 3pm - 4pm - drop-in cycle accessories craft workshop suitable for supervised children and adults

• Thursday 21st October – 10am – 7pm
11am -12pm & 3pm - 4pm drop-in cycle accessories craft workshop suitable for supervised children and adults
1pm -2pm Lunchtime Event - talks from invited guests and groups

• Saturday 23rd October - 10am-5pm
11am -12pm drop-in cycle accessories craft workshop suitable for supervised children and adults
12pm - 1pm Lunchtime Event - talks from invited guests and groups
1pm -4pm 'Dr. Bike' - bring your bike in and Cycle Training Wales mechanics will diagnose the problem & will take you through basic bike maintenance demonstrations

If you can't make it - don't worry you can still join in; we will launching an online survey later on in the week which we will keep you up to date with.

Keep your eye out for regular updates on the full programme on our facebook page http://on.fb.me/cCMLnk and on Twitter @Cardiffcycling

Friday, 8 October 2010

Student Police Initiative

To create a safer and stronger community in Cardiff, South Wales Police introduced the Student Police initiative aimed at creating partnerships with the police, students and wider community.

Volunteer students and the Student Police initiative are carrying out crime prevention exercises. Yesterday and today volunteer students, South Wales police and cardiffdigs will be out on patrol door knocking around Cathays to welcome students to the area with safety, security and community advice.

The message is welcome to the area, Cardiff is a safe city but around this time of year we see a spike in burglaries so we are asking residents to remain vigilant and to Lock it. Hide it. Keep it. Residents were warned about the risks of opportunist burglaries, given safety advice from the volunteers and a pack containing information about their community and social responsibilities to assist with the move into the area and to encourage good community relations.

This initiative is timed to correspond with the start of term to prevent and reduce all aspects of criminal activity and anti social behaviour. The emphasis was placed on proactive education; prevention and awareness and encouraged residents to introduce themselves to their neighbours. The student police initiative, continually increasing in size and enthusiasm, has already come up with some innovative ideas for the following months. If you haven’t received your free wall planner and freebies or what to get involved then there is still time just go to: http://cardiffdigs.co.uk/lockithideitkeepit.htm

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Don't be a problem parker

From the 5th July 2010, Cardiff Council took over responsibility from the police for enforcing parking and yellow line restrictions throughout the whole of Cardiff using our own enforcement teams.

The police continue to issue tickets to drivers who park on zigzag markings, cause obstructions and park dangerously.

The new scheme aims to bring significant improvements to the city, making it safer for pedestrians, easier for public transport and better for the disabled community.

Information on the new scheme can be found here or you can contact Connect to Cardiff on 029 2087 2087.

Please park considerately, legally and safely at all times. Don't park in areas that are reserved for the use of residents such as those with resident parking bays or "Access Only" streets.

If you live in a street where there are resident parking bays you need to make sure that your car has a valid permit displayed at all times.

Please remember that you can now pay for residential parking permits by credit or debit card. Permits are issued from County Hall or by post and cost:

Number of Permits
Cost1st £5
2nd £30
3rd £45
4th or more (each) £60
Visitor's Permit £5

You'll need to produce evidence that the vehicle is your own and that you reside at the property. For more information on the types of evidence that will be accepted click here.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Advice stand - Penylan Library and Community Centre

On Monday the 11th October from 12.00 cardiffdigs, the Police Student Liaison Officer and Police alongside Trading Standards and waste management will be hosting an information and awareness day at Penylan Library and Community Centre.

Students and residents are invited to talk with us and receive advice.

We will be giving out safety and security advice with some freebies, help people with immobilise advice; we will have the laptop to sign people up to the free service which allows users to register their phone and property with the police to help recovery of stolen handsets and catch criminals.

We have posters and advice to help new neighbours move into the private rented sector and how to help community relations as well as rogue trader information and door step crime avoidance advice.

Plus all the information you and your neighbours will need to ensure they are aware of their waste and recycling responsibilities.

So please come along for the opportunity to learn about how we can help at:

Penylan Library and Community Centre
Penylan Road
CF23 5HW

Monday the 11th October from 12.00

We hope to hold similar advice stands at Cathays Library
so keep a look out for future events.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cathays PACT meeting (Partnerships And Communities Together)

Due to staff availability the Cathays PACT meeting scheduled for the 25th October has had to be cancelled. It will now take place on 15th November at 7pm at Cardiff Student Union, Park Place.

PACT meetings are an opportunity for the Community to have a say on what matters the most in their areas, helping paint an accurate picture of what is happening locally. Last year some Cathays PACT meetings were held at Cardiff Students Union in an attempt to bridge the gap between residents and students.

It was agreed that further PACT meetings at the union would be productive as they raised many interesting findings.

To find meetings related to different wards of the city please visit:


Monday, 4 October 2010

Student term gets off to a flying start

Cardiffdigs.co.uk has been working alongside the Police and Waste Management among other services to ensure a positive start to this news term, raising awareness of social responsibilities by providing useful information and practical tips about living in private rented accommodation within a community. The Fresher Fairs have been a great success with advice being disseminated but information (and some free stuff) for you and the community is still available.

'You're in. Now what?'
'You're in. Now what?' poster, which recognises the issues students face and the concerns of the community provides comprehensive information to improve knowledge of social responsibilities, rubbish and recycling and to improve community relations, security, health and safety. You can request a poster for you or your new student neighbors by e-mailing kmccann@cardiff.gov.uk or by downloading a poster here: http://www.cardiffdigs.co.uk/innowwhat2010.pdf

Education and introductions

Remember this is often the first time for many moving out of home and taking on such a wide range of responsibilities, it can be very daunting. Everyone can help with this transition and get the message of community out to those who need help and education. We encourage students and the community to introduce themselves to their neighbours, and to respect the fact that not everyone works to a student calendar. The warmer the welcome, the greater the ownership and respect we will secure from everyone. We will be going out on patrol with the welcoming committee in the coming weeks so please give us a warm welcome.

Ground rules podcast

A new podcast which can be imported into any mp3 player or ipod called Ground Rules and Tips for Shared Living has been produced which runs through advice about living in shared housing find it here: http://www.cardiffdigs.co.uk/podcasts.htm

Lock it. Hide it. Keep it

A joint initiative with the police to increase safety and reduce/prevent burglaries is in place to keep communities safe. This Lock it. Hide it. Keep it. campaign is backed by an increase in police presence, a marketing drive which includes door to door safety and community awareness messages delivered by the team of volunteer student police wardens. You can still get hold of a free student wall planner and a free gift such as fridge magnet or stickers at: http://www.cardiffdigs.co.uk/lockithideitkeepit.htm

The student police volunteer initiative signed up a huge number of volunteers over the fresher fairs but anyone who missed out can still find out more about the scheme, and register their interest with no obligations here: http://www.cardiffdigs.co.uk/policestudentvolunteers.htm

Waste The Waste education and recycling team have been out and about at the fairs with cardiffdigs.co.uk ensuring that students are aware of their rubbish and recycling responsibilities, giving out calendars and green bags and specifically promoting the new tidy text scheme.

Tidy Text is a free texting service just launched in Cardiff. This easy to use service sends text messages to remind you when your recycling bags and waste are being collected. Find out how to sign up to this free service by visiting http://www.cardiffdigs.co.uk/tidytext.htm
Your collection calendars and rubbish responsibilities advice can be found at: http://www.cardiffdigs.co.uk/waste.htm