Friday, 8 October 2010

Student Police Initiative

To create a safer and stronger community in Cardiff, South Wales Police introduced the Student Police initiative aimed at creating partnerships with the police, students and wider community.

Volunteer students and the Student Police initiative are carrying out crime prevention exercises. Yesterday and today volunteer students, South Wales police and cardiffdigs will be out on patrol door knocking around Cathays to welcome students to the area with safety, security and community advice.

The message is welcome to the area, Cardiff is a safe city but around this time of year we see a spike in burglaries so we are asking residents to remain vigilant and to Lock it. Hide it. Keep it. Residents were warned about the risks of opportunist burglaries, given safety advice from the volunteers and a pack containing information about their community and social responsibilities to assist with the move into the area and to encourage good community relations.

This initiative is timed to correspond with the start of term to prevent and reduce all aspects of criminal activity and anti social behaviour. The emphasis was placed on proactive education; prevention and awareness and encouraged residents to introduce themselves to their neighbours. The student police initiative, continually increasing in size and enthusiasm, has already come up with some innovative ideas for the following months. If you haven’t received your free wall planner and freebies or what to get involved then there is still time just go to:

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