Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Environmental Champions and Student Police Initiative

Dear all, a huge thank you to all our volunteers last night. We had over 30 people in attendance with lots of agencies represented. I am very grateful.

Volunteer briefing

We door knocked key areas around Wyeverne Road, Richards and Harriet Street, Colum Road and areas around Woodville road.

People were very receptive to us; we gave out waste responsibility messages regarding collections and worked alongside the Student Police Initiative reminding people about safety and security. This advice is especially important with the end of term approaching. We were ensuring that people were aware that the last collection prior to the end of term of black bins and bags was that week and to ensure waste was removed prior to the end of term.

A range of agencies was represented

We reminded people to make sure their house was safe and secure and if going home to take all valuables with them. Once again we came across houses with insecure front doors and spoke to residents of the risks of being a target for burglary.

We also gave out vehicle safety advice as there has been a recent spate of theft from vehicles; the message is to remove all items from the car, leaving nothing on show as even something as seemingly insignificant as 50p is temptation enough for someone to smash a window and grab whatever is visible.

Thank you to all that helped this joint initiative with the student police initiative, we had waste management, landlords, landlords forum, students, community members, councillors, police, pcso’s, security staff represented and working in partnership on this.

Please circulate this information to all who might have missed it:

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