Friday, 28 January 2011

Refreshers Week

Cardiff University Students’ Union is launching its Refreshers Week campaign this Monday on the 31st January, which is an event targeted at getting students thinking about trying new things. It aims to capitalise on 5 of the most common New Years Resolutions with its 5 themed days.

Refresh your Diet

Refresh your Future

Refresh your Activities

Refresh your Health and Well Being

Refresh your Creativity

On Monday the Keep Cardiff Tidy ‘Get It Out For Cardiff’ campaign alongside Raise And Give and will be hosting a re-sale event of kitchen equipment so that students can buy all the essentials they need to help them cook up a storm to refresh their diet. The sale will take place in the Union Monday morning from 11am.

Monday is Refresh your Diet, centred around healthy eating and trying new recipes and food ideas. UK MasterChef Peter Gorton will be attending the event and will be cooking throughout the day, doing demonstrations and cooking tasters during the Festival of Food. There are also two evening events in Student Ready, Steady Cook and the Jungle Café (with bugs and more to try!)

Tuesday is Refresh your Future, a day centred on looking at career options and how to improve employability of students. There is a Careers Fair running throughout the day alongside several workshops on how to network, set up a business etc.

Wednesday is Refresh your Activities, another opportunity for students to get involved with sports clubs and societies at University. There will be a huge Activities Fair running all day with demonstrations and performances, before the Annual Dodgeball tournament taking place in the evening!

Thursday is Refresh your Health and Well Being, a chance for students to get a “body MOT” courtesy of the Healthcare Schools at Cardiff (such as dentists, nurses, physiotherapists etc.). There are also several classes in Yoga and Meditation alongside holistic treatments such as massage.

Friday is Refresh your Creativity, which aims to encourage students to try out a new creative outlet. Throughout the day there are Art sessions, “give it a go” dance sessions and also creative writing sessions. The best pieces will be included in the Creativity supplement included in Cardiff Union’s newspaper, the Gair Rhydd.

So come along and Refresh yourself!

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