Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bute Park opening hours

As part of a 3-month trial two of the gates in Bute Park will see their opening hours extended until 7pm every evening until the end of December to enable commuters to continue using the main cycle and walking route (from North Road to Sophia Gardens) during the winter months.

The gates with extended opening hours are those at the Millennium Bridge, which links Sophia Gardens to Bute Park and Fisher Bridge, which links North Road and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama to the park. All other access gates will follow the normal closing times.

The progress of the experiment will be closely monitored by Council Officers who will keep track of the numbers of users and any issues which may arise.

We are looking for feedback from all users of Bute Park to find out what they think of the extended opening of the park, so please fill in the survey
English: http://surveys.cardiff.gov.uk/buteparktrial/en/

Welsh: http://surveys.cardiff.gov.uk/buteparktrial/cy/

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