Friday, 29 June 2012

Update from Cathays Policing team

This is a message from the Neighbourhood Policing Team at Cathays in Cardiff.

During a recent PACT meeting it was highlighted that persons are removing black bin liners from wheelie bins and are then searching through their contents. This has occurred prominently around the rubbish collection days for the Cathays area of Cardiff.

We would like to advise residents that the Cathays Neighbourhood Policing Team, working in partnership with the Cardiff City Council Waste Enforcement Team take this matter very seriously and have recently reported two persons for this antisocial behaviour.

Yesterday afternoon a male person was arrested at Rhymney Street, Cathays and in the first such case in Cardiff, the Crown Prosecution Service authorised a charge of theft. That individual was subsequently remanded in custody overnight to appear at court today.

May we remind residents to only place your wheelie bins/black bags outside your property at the designated time for rubbish collection.

May we also remind residents not to place any information into the rubbish that you wish to remain confidential. If you need to dispose of letterheads and bank statements then can you please ensure that they are destroyed and disposed of in the correct manner.

May we also suggest that if you would like to donate items of clothing to charity it may be advisable to take the charity bags directly to the registered charity shops of your choice or use the Get it Out For Cardiff charity banks next to Cathays railway station next to Cardiff Student Union or in front of the Roy Jenkins Hall opposite the Co-op on city road

Any information regarding these incidents is asked to contact Cathays NPT 02920 527439 or Crime Stoppers 02920528013 anonymously 0800 555111

The Cathays Neighbourhood Team are:

PC 4335 Steph Samuel
PCSO 55232 David Lloyd
PCSO 55328 Tiago Mil-Homens

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