Monday, 11 June 2012

Get It Out For Cardiff partnership helping additional charities

The Get It Out For Cardiff partnership are pleased to announce that they have helped a number of additional charities through their end of term charity collections.

During the charity collections items of kitchen equipment are collected and stored with Cardiff Self Storage over the summer then re-sold at cut prices at the start of term in a number of re-sales. This completes the recycling and re-use cycle as the donations we receive are exactly what people require at the start of term; this prevents items going to landfill, helps students with savings as apposed to buying brand new sets and stops them raiding their parents kitchens for necessities. All proceeds from the sales go to charity and last year the Lord Mayors charity received a cheque for £736.30 after three re-sales.

Now the campaign has helped a number of additional charities thanks to a bit of spring cleaning. The Get It Out For Cardiff team have been clearing out their Cardiff Self Storage container and were able to donate last year’s remaining left over kitchen equipment so that the unit is clear for this year’s campaign and influx of donations.

Cardiff Self Storage unit

Last Friday Sue Glendinning representing the South Wales region – Cross Councils Cardiff Consortium of Charities came to the unit and gratefully received lots of remaining kitchen items and equipment.

The charities that will benefit from the donations include:

Rainbow of Hope - Feeds the homeless every day, twice a day

Homeless Outreach - enables homeless people to sleep indoors during winter months

The Refugee Council, Cardiff section - offers support to Refugees and people from ethnic minorities

Women's Aid help with re-housing projects.

The Get It Out For Cardiff scheme is in full flow already, the plan is to host re-sales at the start of term, in a similar vein to last year, to sell kitchen items and donate the proceeds to charity. At the end of the re-sales charities will be invited in to collect any remaining items that they can use for their local projects.

Sue Glendinning said, "The charities that we represent are really excited that they have been included in Get it out for Cardiff's recycling of products. These local charities work tirelessly on the streets of Cardiff and are overjoyed to receive useful items to pass on to those in need - and help the local environment as well."

Kieran McCann, Student Liaison Officer who set up the charity scheme said:

“This is another great example of the widespread benefits of the end of term collections, I am truly grateful to the students who donate items for re-use. Green zones and re-use banks have again been set up this year so please donated items that can be re-used rather than struggle taking them home”

Campaign information including pin point google maps of the locations of the Green Zones and YMCA banks can be founds via the website:


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