Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bank Holiday recycling changes (4th - 9th June)

Whether you choose to toast the Queen with a glass of champagne or a mug of Britain's finest brew, Cardiff Council is reminding residents once your celebrations are over to recycle your left over food and packaging and help us Keep Cardiff Tidy!

Please note that your household waste and recycling collection service will be running one day late over the Bank Holiday week, the 4th - 9th June:

Normal Collection                                    Jubilee Collection

Monday 4th June                                        Tuesday 5th June

Tuesday 5th June                                        Wednesday 6th June

Wednesday 6th June                                   Thursday 7th June

Thursday 7th June                                       Friday 8th June

Friday 8th June                                           Saturday 9th June

For more information, see here for the leaflet

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