Monday, 14 February 2011

PACT meetings

Last week I represented at two Partnerships And Communities Together (PACT) meetings; Cathays and Plasnewydd. I try and attend these and the Gabalfa PACT meetings on a regular basis to hear the concerns of the community related to student issues.

Partnerships And Communities Together (PACT) meetings are an opportunity for the Community to have a say on what matters the most in their areas, helping paint an accurate picture of what is happening locally.

I would encourage anyone to attend these meetings to view any concerns you have or to hear about the work that is taking place in your locality. To find the next meeting please visit:

At both meetings I distributed the latest edition of Unity news now available here. Last term was extremely busy, work continued on highlighting safety messages via immobilise, various Housing Advice weeks alerted students about the need to make the smart move and not to rush, cardifference about sustainable travel was launched and a housing and welfare NUS conference was held among other campaigns and activities.

At these meetings the community and panel identify three of the most pressing concerns affecting their locality and priorities are set. At Cathays this week Parking issues associated with Wyverne Rd and in residents bays was reported, letting signs causing a nuisance was identified and other issues included street cleaning, the poor state of the paving stones and takeaways on Salisbury Rd operating beyond their legal opening hours.

At Plasnewydd priorities identified included speeding, Mackintosh Place, Fly tipping and Oxford Lane; cars travelling the wrong way down the one way system.

The problems encountered are discussed and solutions explored. From the issues raised at the meeting and those brought to the meeting by the Neighbourhood Police Officer we decide these three priorities.

At both meeting it struck me that solutions also need to be brought to the table and discussed. Therefore it was great to hear that Plasnewydd PACT Chair Martin Gower has received funding from ‘Tidy Towns’ for litter pick equipment. He is keen to organise a series of community litter picks if you can spare an hour to help improve your environment please contact Martin at This is an example of how a community can become empowered to enact change and take ownership of their environment so I would encourage anyone, students or non students to get involved.

The PACT meetings have secured a number of successes across the city and without this open communication we would be less empowered to help elicit change. Everyone can help get the message of community out. We all benefit from a thriving city but it is easy to fall back on negative perceptions not just related to students but in a wider context. I believe this benefits no-one. Everyone can help by making your neighbours more socially aware, so that we all contribute to a sustainable community, where we come together to help create cleaner, greener and safer places to live for us all.

To find the next meeting please visit:

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Lucy Sherriff said...

Hi Kieran

I was at the last PACT meeting in Plasnewydd and was interested to hear you organise student litter picks. I am a trainee journalist, writing a piece on fly tipping and littering. Most residents want to blame students, and just wanted to know how you feel about this? Do you think this is fair, and also, what are you doing to increase student awareness of the litter problem? If it's easier, contact me on

I would be very grateful for any feedback