Monday, 21 February 2011

Have you been refused a taxi hire or overcharged?

Crackdown on Taxi Drivers who refuse fares

Thanks to feedback from students Cardiff Council is cracking down on taxi drivers who refuse to be hired or overcharge passengers.

The Council’s Licensing Department is now working closely with taxi companies to address these issues – many of which have been raised by local students who use taxi facilities.

Cardiff Council is keen to ensure that the student community and all Cardiff residents and visitors enjoy the highest standards from licensed hackney carriage and private hire drivers.

It is also vital that students use only properly licensed taxis driven by licensed drivers to ensure they get a safe journey home.

Remember when hiring a taxi:

• Contact a reputable company when pre-booking a private hire vehicle

• Ensure the taxi has a licence plate displayed on the rear of the vehicle

• Check the identity of the driver against the photo displayed in the left-hand side of the windscreen. The driver should also be wearing an identification badge displaying his photograph.

• If you are travelling alone it is advisable to sit in the rear of the vehicle behind the driver.

• If you feel uneasy ask to be let out in a busy well lit area, where there are plenty of people.

• Don’t take food or drink into the taxi and if you feel unwell ask the driver to pull over, you may be fined for mess.

Anyone who suspects a driver of operating without a licence, or who wishes to report issues of overcharging or drivers refusing fares should contact the Council’s Licensing Section on (029) 2087 1651 e-mail

To enable officers to investigate fully, the following details should be provided

• Vehicle details – plate number and/or registration number.

• Driver details – drivers badge number and name (if obtainable),

• Time and place of hiring.