Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Property Marking and Bike Sale

Property marking to protect your bike and valuables continues tomorrow (10am till 3pm) alongside a second hand bike sale (1pm) on the steps of Cardiff Students Union as part of Sustainability Week which runs from the 8-12 November 2010 to help drive forward the sustainable development agenda.

Security services, the police and partners including cardiffdigs were out on the steps of the Union yesterday helping students and residents mark up their property with the service

Immobilise is a national property register, enabling users to register their bikes and property with the police to help the recovery of stolen goods and catch criminals.

Tomorrow (Thursday 10th) the property marking will continue alongside a second hand bike sale. Cardiff Cycle Workshop who were maintaining and repairing bikes all day yesterday are holding the sale at the Union. A range of second hand bikes will be on sale at affordable rates, including classic retro models. All bikes are fully serviced by trained mechanics. Various makes and sizes will be sold.

Sustainability Week is a week-long event with talks, discussions, film screenings, food co-operatives, pledging, and more open to the whole community. Further details can be found here:

To coincide with Sustainability week at Cardiff University the Make a Cardifference pages on has been launched.

The pages provide advice for students on sustainable travel with the explicit aim of encouraging students to not bring cars into Cardiff and use sustainable methods of transport. Make a cardifference – don’t bring a car into Cardiff.

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