Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Help shape the future of cycling in Cardiff

Cardiff Council are working hard to change the way we travel, making it easier, quicker and more fun to travel more actively into and across the city.

Help shape the decision making process and give and insight into your ideas for improved cycling around Cardiff - fill out this short questionnaire:

Hel plan Cardiff's Cycling Network Plan for the future.

For the first part of the Community Engagement Plan (a series of activities to ensure as much public feedback as possible is collected in order to help shape the decision making process) this very short questionnaire will help gain an initial insight into your opinions and ideas....please tell us what you think

There are going to be many other fun and exciting community engagement opportunities on the topic of cycling. Non-cyclists, new cyclists and those recently back in the saddle can get involved.

When you fill out the questionnaire join the Transport Policy mailing list to get involved and keep up to date on all things cycling in Cardiff.

If you have any questions about the market research or community engagement plan please contact Miss Sheena Aikman at Local Transport Projects Ltd at


Unknown said...

I have had my say, make sure you have yours, the cardiff Cycling survey finishes on Friday.

Unknown said...

We really want the opinions of non-cyclists too, or even if you haven't ridden your bike for yours, please do have your say on cycling in Cardiff

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