Monday, 26 April 2010


The reality is:

£4 – 5 million pounds per year in the South Wales area is being made by
Organised Crime Groups as a result of the theft of Charity Bags.

This type of crime affects the genuine charities that carry out positive work for the elderly, ill and disadvantaged children and the disruption of these Organised Crime Groups is a positive way of ensuring they receive the funding intended by those who fill the bags. The loss of income to legitimate charities resulting from this type of crime runs into the millions!

A recent rogue trader operation resulted in three suspected members of an Organised Crime Group being arrested and upon searching their vehicle it contained bags from four different charities.

Information led to another arrest of a person who is making 75p per charity bag collected

Your intelligence reports have made a difference!

The next Rogue Trader week commences TODAY, and further intelligence is required.

In light of this, please can I again ask for your support by providing the following information to the Rogue Trader inbox?

Name of Charity (on collection bags)
Street Name
Collection Day
Details of any vehicles used to collect or deliver charity bags

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