Monday, 12 April 2010


A new campaign aimed at keeping Cathays clean and waste-free is continuing.

Following initial education activities and an announcement of a zero tolerance policy on February 24, enforcement teams and education officers have been intensifying their efforts in the area.

As a result of this 129 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued for offences including placement of waste, items wrongly put in recycling and waste put out for collection on the wrong day.

Streets with the highest number of previously identified waste-related issues have been monitored closely during the clean-up campaign and education officers have spoken to hundreds of residents here, both before and after the campaign began, while also leaving leaflets at every household in Cathays.

Guidelines for waste collection are as follows:

• Waste should be placed on the kerbside by 6am on the day of collection but no earlier than 4pm the day before.
• Waste should be placed out in the correct bin/bag:-
o Green Wheeled Bins: These are for compostable garden and food waste only and can be placed out for collection weekly. Green bags MUST NOT be placed in green bins.
o Black Wheeled Bins: These are for all non-recyclable waste and can be placed out for collection weekly. All general waste bags must be contained within this bin and the lid must be closed. Any waste placed at the side of the bin or on top of the bin will not be collected.
o Green Bags: These are for recyclables only and should be placed out for collection fortnightly. Green Bags MUST NOT be used for general waste.
• Bins must be taken back in by 9am the day after collection
• Wheeled bins and green bags should be stored within property boundaries on days other than collection day.
• Frontages should be kept tidy; free of litter and loose waste.
• The above rules apply to everyone in the property.

Residents’ questions or concerns about this process, or any other issues relating to waste collection, should be addressed to Connect 2 Cardiff on 02920 872087.

Executive Member for Environment Councillor Margaret Jones said: “Our education and enforcement officers have been working hard to make sure everyone understands the guidelines in place and does their best to adhere to them. The clean-up campaign gives residents in Cathays an excellent opportunity to work from a clean slate, take ownership for their waste and maintain an excellent local environment.”

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