Thursday, 16 February 2012

Praise for University after bike theft arrests

POLICE have praised Cardiff University security staff following the arrest of two men for attempted bicycle thefts this month.

Security Staff helping students with security marking bikes 

On both occasions the men were arrested as a result of security staff noticing suspicious behaviour in Park Place around lunchtime on Thursday, February 2 and Thursday, February 9.

Closer inspection by staff viewing CCTV cameras found they were discreetly using bolt cutters in an attempt to steal bikes.

Security staff immediately called police ensuring that arrests were made within hours of both incidents.

Pc Tim Davies, student liaison officer, said: "Obviously it is concerning that there are thieves out there during the day targeting cycles around the university area but thankfully security staff are alert to this activity and on these two occasions prevented bikes being stolen.

We want to encourage people to continue using bicycles to get around the city but would remind staff and students to invest in a D-lock to secure their cycles”.

There is also a free security-marking event on Thursday, February 23 between 11am and 3pm at the Trevithick Building on Richmond Road near the junction with Newport Road which all bikes owners are invited to attend.

"South Wales Police is committed to keeping our communities staff and protecting property - together we can make life harder for criminals."

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