Saturday, 29 October 2011

Get It Out For Cardiff 2011 boosts Lord Mayor's Charity

Kieran, Fiona, Roshan, Nick and Chris present cheque to the Lord Mayor

The Lord Mayor’s charity, Cancer Research Wales has benefitted to the tune of nearly £740 as the Get It Out for Cardiff 2011 campaign concluded the last of its three successful kitchen reuse sales at Cardiff University Students Union and UWIC.

This reuse scheme collects and re-uses unwanted kitchen items from leaving students and resells to new students. The items would otherwise have been destined for the streets or landfill at the end of the last summer term. The scheme has been a resounding success with over 9 tonnes of items collected at halls of residence and the Students Union throughout the summer.

Kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, plates, cutlery and mugs were offered for sale at the beginning of term and the team built from a partnership between, Cardiff Council, Keep Cardiff Tidy, Cardiff University Students Union and Raise and Give (RAG) presented the Lord Mayor with a cheque for £736.30 at the Mansion House in Cardiff.

The Lord Mayor, Cllr Delme Bowen said, “This really is a wonderful effort by the Get it Out for Cardiff team and I’m delighted they chose Cancer Research Wales as the beneficiary of the money raised as every penny collected by this fine charity stays in Wales. This is a great example of partnership working coming up with innovative ways to divert unwanted items from landfill or being dumped on the streets. This helps keeps our streets clean and helps a number of charities including my chosen charity as Lord Mayor. I can’t praise this initiative enough and I’m very grateful indeed to receive the cheque on behalf of Cancer Research Wales.”

Executive Member for Environment, Cllr Margaret Jones, said, “Once again, the Get it Out for Cardiff team has delivered great results in terms of collecting unwanted items from students and putting them to good use. This model of partnership working is a prodigious force for good in our efforts to reduce, re-use and recycle and underlines our commitment to live in a truly sustainable city.”

Student Liaison Officer, Kieran McCann said, “It takes a huge amount of effort to put this campaign together but the results are stunning and the benefits far reaching in terms of the recycling message put forward and the involvement of charities. The final icing on the cake is being able to present the Lord Mayor with a cheque for his charity, Cancer Research Wales. Every year we try to improve what we do and the work for next year’s campaign begins now.”

Meeting the Lord Mayor at Mansion House

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