Monday, 17 October 2011

Contaminated Vodka Warning

Cardiff Trading Standards are issuing an urgent warning to residents in regards to sales of illegal and unsafe vodka.

Label on Bottle - Front

It has come to light that there are bottles of vodka currently on sale in Cardiff, packaged with the Drop Vodka label. At this time, Trading Standards are still investigating the vodka’s origin, and whether it is in fact counterfeit ‘bootleg’ vodka. Irrespective of this, although the label describes it as ‘vodka’, preliminary analysis of the contents has indicated that it does not contain enough alcohol to legitimately be called vodka.

Moreover, preliminary indications are that the contents contain a high level of isopropyl alcohol, which is not an ingredient of genuine vodka. In fact, isopropyl alcohol is normally used as cleaning fluid and is extremely harmful for human consumption.

Label on Bottle - Back

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