Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cathays PACT Meeting

Last night was the Cathays PACT Meeting, PACT meetings (Partnerships And Communities Together) are an opportunity for the Community to have a say on what matters the most in their areas, helping paint an accurate picture of what is happening locally.

To find the next meeting please visit here

At this meeting cardiffdigs updated on the following:

Thank you to the PACT chair for attending the sustainability conference on behalf of the community and participating in one of the workshops you can read about the conference here

This year’s ‘You’re In. Now What?’ posters are being printed as we speak – so I will have copies ready to distribute – they obviously reflect the September waste changes so are for display in preparation for the start of term – if people are interested in me posting any posters to them then please just e-mail me (cardiffdigs @ gmail.com) with an address and quantities to find out about the poster read here
I am pleased to say I have somewhere in the region of 3,000 pre orders of the posters from letting agents and landlords – I am very pleased with the response but if there are still letting agents and landlords that haven’t requested copies then please get in touch

Issues 6 of Unity news is now live here, we have a new reader on the website to make it easier to use

We have a subscription service on the homepage so if anyone would like to keep updated on news, issues and campaigns then please subscribe to our enews letter at http://www.cardiffdigs.co.uk/ - we are also on twitter @cardiffdigs

I am really enthused by a environmental champions scheme that I alongside waste management and the SVC are setting up in preparation for the start of term – we have recruited two coordinators and have a stand at the SVC (Student Volunteering Cardiff October 3rd) fair to recruit volunteers – the champions will look at waste and recycling education and awareness alongside other sustainable issues. To kick things off we will be organising:

Three waste/recycling door to door education awareness will take place on the Tuesday’s before collection day – 4th, 11th, 18th October

Each week will target a different theme – and suggestions have included:

4th general waste collection awareness

11th – general collections and tidy text

18th general collections and food waste

I would like to invite members of the community to come help us on these evenings and consider becoming an environmental champion for their street again please contact me if you are interested

The community gave some great feedback on the first of three Get It Out For Cardiff collections that took place last Saturday and even spotted the milk float around the streets the week before – for more details on Get It Out which runs for two more Saturdays and our charity success with the milk float see below



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