Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Parking permits

Have you got a residents' parking permit? If you live on a street where permits are required and you want to park your car there, you need one!

From the 5th July drivers will be asked to think before they park as a new scheme is launched to address illegal parking across the city.

We will take over responsibility from the police for enforcing parking and yellow line restrictions throughout the whole of Cardiff using our own enforcement teams.

The police will continue to issue tickets to drivers who park on zigzag markings, cause obstructions and park dangerously.

This new scheme aims to bring significant improvements to the city, making it safer for pedestrians, easier for public transport and better for the disabled community.

Information on the new scheme can be found here http://www.cardiff.gov.uk/content.asp?nav=2870,4048,4188,4833,6068&parent_directory_id=2865&id=10390&d1p1=1) or you can contact Connect to Cardiff on 029 2087 2087.

Please remember that you can now pay for residential parking permits by credit or debit card. Permits are issued from County Hall and cost:

Number of Permits
1st £5
2nd £30
3rd £45
4th or more (each)

Visitor's Permit

You'll need to produce evidence that the vehicle is your own and that you reside at the property. For more information on the types of evidence that will be accepted click here. (Link to http://www.cardiff.gov.uk/content.asp?nav=2870,4048,4194,4257&parent_directory_id=2865&id=1606&d1p1=1)


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