Thursday, 17 June 2010

Get It Out For Cardiff charity collections underway

The ‘When you clear out, donate it’ message is spreading across halls and the private rented sector with donations flooding into the green zones set up around the city.

The photos show the recent pick up of the food collection this week and donations to the green zones set up around halls around the city including Cardiff University, Liberty Living, Victoria Halls, Cardiff Students Union and UWIC

Food and bric-a-brac will be stored with Cardiff Self Storage and donated to FoodShare and RAG with clothing collected by Salvation Army and electrical items by British Heart Foundation

Thank you to all those who have donated, there has been vast amounts of donations already and the campaign run by Keep Cardiff Tidy partners is still spreading the end of term charity collection message, so please: ‘When you clear out donate reusable goods to charity’

Donate: Clothing, Food, Electrical Items and reusable items

Collection points: Laundry Room or Reception in halls of residences. (Cardiff, UWIC, Liberty Living, Victoria Halls)
Green Zone at Cardiff Students Union

Please sort items into the relevant receptacles.

Salvation Army: Clothes, belts, shoes, bags. No bedding.

FareShare Food: In date, un-opened, non-perishable foods (not fresh) e.g. Tins, packs etc

British Heart Foundation: Small electrical items: toasters, kettles, printers, mobile phones, irons etc.

RAG: Reusable items, bric-a-brac, seconds at Green Zone at Cardiff Students Union only

The campaign will run daily throughout June, some participating halls will continue after, ask at reception for details.

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