Tuesday, 24 November 2009


On Saturday 28 November 2009, one of the year's busiest shopping days, ‘Buy Nothing Day’ is asking people to stop shopping - for a whole day!

Why? Well it's a chance to step off the treadmill and really think about what we are consuming and the environmental consequences.

How many things do you buy without really thinking about whether you need them?

We live in a throwaway society where we buy convenience items and then discard them without a thought.

This year’s Buy Nothing Day will be celebrated with an organised litter pick led by Student Liaison Officer Kieran McCann supported by Tidy Towns.

The litter pick will take place along the Taff Trail and surrounding areas including Grangetown and Riverside between 12.30-15.30 on Saturday 28th November. All volunteers to meet outside 89 Corporation Road, Grangetown, CF11 7AQ at 12.00 for a 12.30 start.

Councillor Judith Woodman, Executive Member for Communities said: “Buy Nothing Day highlights the environmental effects of consumption. Over the Festive Season we'll throw away over 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging, 6 million Christmas trees and 83 square km of wrapping paper. This important campaign aims to help clear up the area littered with unnecessary waste, encourages recycling and gives people a chance to think about their consumption habits by stopping shopping for a day and partaking in positive actions.”

Indeg Jones, Cardiff Tidy Towns Officer for Keep Wales Tidy, said: “It’s great to see people getting involved in these events. By doing a litter pick we will not only be doing our bit for ‘buy nothing day’ but we will also be highlighting the amount of waste being produced in this high consumer society that we live in. Tidy Towns is always happy to support any event which results in less litter on our streets.”

On ‘Buy Nothing Day’ people around the UK will make a pact with themselves to take a break from shopping and the best thing is - IT'S FREE!!!

All equipment for the litter pick will be provided including litter pickers, bin liners, guidelines and a safety talk will be provided. Please bring your own gloves, waterproofs and sensible footwear and a home made packed lunch.

For further details contact:
Kieran McCann, Student Liaison Officer(029) 2053 7061

Indeg Jones, Cardiff Tidy Towns project officer, Keep Wales Tidy
Tel: 07717 412270 Email: indeg.jones@keepwalestidy.org

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