Tuesday, 24 February 2009

You are invited to Cathays and Cardiff University’s PACT meeting

PACT MEETING (Partnerships and communities together)
Tuesday 7pm-9pm
Students Union
Aneurin Bevan

Are you tired of the mess down your street? Or the quality of housing around Cathays?

Are you unhappy with the way that Cathays is policed? Or have specific safety concerns down your street?

Are you fed up of noisy neighbours or inconsiderate individuals?

Do you think no one is listening to your complaints?

PACT meetings are designed so that you can have your say and get those people that can to take action. There will be members from the local police, the local council, ALMA (letting agents) and Cardiff’s noise pollution initiative, to listen to you and do something about the issues that really matter to you.

So come along to the PACT meeting to have your say!

For any more information please contact studentinitiative@hotmail.co.uk

South Wales Student Initiative- Keeping student’s safe!

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