Monday, 12 January 2009

FREE ALARMS - Protect your Property

FREE ALARMS - Protect your Property

The police have provided Cardiff Digs with 1,000 free alarms for distribution to student residents in Cardiff.

At this time of year burglary becomes a concern for the Police.

The mini door chime is a loud door entry chime with selectable alarm suitable for doors and windows and a 130+ decibel alarm, easily fitted to your property via a doubled sided sticker with batteries provided. Fitting instructions are provided and we encourage you to use this alarm to protect your property.

This scheme has been set up with the help of the Student Liaison Officer, the Landlords Forum and South Wales Police.

If you require free alarms for your property please e-mail with the title FREE ALARM in the subject, your name, property address and how many alarms you require.

Landlords have received and taken up this offer via the Landlord forum newsletter. If you are a landlord with a student property and would like to take up this opportunity to send your tenants a free alarm then please e-mail the address above with the lead tenants name and how many alarms are required.

The Police are encouraging students to be aware of safety advice at this time of year because of the erratic movement of residents.

Please help this campaign by working with your landlord to ensure that:

● The house frontage is tidy, obvious signs that the property is student occupied are removed e.g. posters or bottle displays

● Good relations are established with your neighbours; they could keep an eye on the property while unoccupied.

● Lights are operated using timer devices, set for a couple of hours in the evening to make the house looked lived in – ask your landlord if they can provide this for you

● All valuables are removed if you return home

● All windows and doors, especially any rear entrances are secure

It is unfortunate but some students will be a victim of crime or have their safety compromised whilst studying; using your common sense and the advice from the South Wales Police will help in reducing the crime rate, making you a less likely target or victim.
More advice about safety can be found here:

Kind Regards
Kieran McCann
Student Liaison Officer; working in joint partnership with your University and Cardiff Council.

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