Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kitchen bric-a-brac sort out

Cardiff’s student population responded in style to the call to Get It Out for Cardiff this year. The scheme to collect and re-use unwanted items that previously would’ve been destined for the streets or landfill has been a resounding success with over 7.5 tonnes of items collected at halls of residence and the Students Union. Read the full story here

Kitchen bric-a-brac such as utensils and cutlery collected for resale at the Union this September was sorted out today. Nick Matthew (Finance & Commercial Officer), Chris Davies (Welfare and Communications), Alistair McGuffie, Lucy Prisk and Kieran McCann (Student Liaison Officer) went through the donations arranging the kitchen equipment into various sections such as frying pans, saucepans large and small, plates, cups, glassware, cutlery and various other categories.

The sort out highlighted the quality and quantity of kitchen equipment that was donated and makes for extremely promising re-sales. The three re-sales will take place at Cardiff Student Union; 23rd September and 7th of October (10am onwards in Solus) and the 17th September at UWIC llandaff campus

All are welcome to come along and pick up a bargain, any money raised will be donated to charity. So please spread the word that you don’t need to arrive in Cardiff with any new kitchen equipment it will all be available at heavily reduced prices in the two sales.

The space needed to store all these items was considerable but Cardiff Self Storage kindly stepped into the breach and stored all the items.


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