Monday, 11 April 2011

Going home for Easter?

The Student Police Initiative will be patrolling the streets of Cathays tomorrow night with Police officers sending out community messages and reiterating the importance of safety advice at this time of year. Please make them feel welcome if they come knocking on your door.

Volunteers from the Student Police Initiative

During the year the Student Police Initiative have been telling students and residents to Lock it. Hide it. Keep it. This becomes even more important towards the end of term when empty student property becomes a target for burglary.

The message from the Police is:

Take any valuables home with you

Ensure all doors and windows are locked when you leave

Clear gardens of items such as bricks/ladders that could be used to force entry

Ask your landlord/letting agent or trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your house during the holidays and ask them to push through any mail left hanging from letter boxes and bring in your bins

So the house appears occupied set up light timers to come on whilst you are away and close curtains in ground floor bedrooms

Remove obvious signs from windows that it’s a student house e.g. posters

Make sure the boiler comes on for a few hours each day to prevent pipes from freezing

When you return don’t leave packaging of expensive items on display or in bins as burglars know the packaging relates to items worth stealing

Go to a free property protection register for any electrical items, mobiles, bikes, laptops etc for more safety advice

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