Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Property registration

Yesterday with our partners at Waste Management, The Police and the Census were on hand in Cardiff Students Union giving out advice.

The Police were specifically brought in to talk to students about any recent security concerns and give out safety and security advice in light of the latest Gair Rhydd article about burglary in the area which can be found here

PC Tim Davies giving out safety advice
and helping students sign up to immobilise

Students are again being targeted by burglars, with a number of reported incidents taking place over the last few weeks. Police were keen to stress that Cardiff is a safe city but were warning students to remain vigilant. Tim Davies, Police Student Liaison Officer was on hand offering safety advice and sign ups to the immobilise service.

Immobilise is a free national property register, enabling users to register their valuable property with the police to help the recovery of stolen goods and catch criminals.

It is a free service and the recommendation is that everyone should register their valuables on the website

Tim and his team were also on hand stressing the importance of remembering our Lock it. Hide it. Keep it. campaign as opportunist burglars are also trying student front and rear doors. If they find an open door they rush in stealing what ever is to hand. This even takes place when people are at home so please remember to lock doors for your own safety. For more advice please visit our Lock it. Hide it. Keep it. pages here
PC Tim Davies and Student Liaison Kieran McCann reminding
students about Lock it. Hide it. Keep it.

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