Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bank Holiday recycling changes (4th - 9th June)

Whether you choose to toast the Queen with a glass of champagne or a mug of Britain's finest brew, Cardiff Council is reminding residents once your celebrations are over to recycle your left over food and packaging and help us Keep Cardiff Tidy!

Please note that your household waste and recycling collection service will be running one day late over the Bank Holiday week, the 4th - 9th June:

Normal Collection                                    Jubilee Collection

Monday 4th June                                        Tuesday 5th June

Tuesday 5th June                                        Wednesday 6th June

Wednesday 6th June                                   Thursday 7th June

Thursday 7th June                                       Friday 8th June

Friday 8th June                                           Saturday 9th June

For more information, see here for the leaflet

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Environmental Champions Update

Environmental Champions is a voluntary action group working on sustainability issues; action on waste and recycling, housing and energy efficiency, fairtrade, sustainable travel, environmental tasks and many more.

A little update and a request for willing volunteers

- The recent Community Voluntary awards were a huge success. The event was opened by Cardiff’s Vice Chancellor with a range of partners and supporters at the event where we gave out certificates to our volunteers with the Student Police Initiative click here for info

- We are very excited to have recruited two coordinators for the project who are going to be helping engage with students. Hannah and Megan will be taking on the social media side of the project, help recruit students and community members and help us come up with new project ideas.

- Join us on our Get It Out For Cardiff charity walkabouts on the 9th and 10th June starting 10.30am back of Cardiff Students Union. We will be reminding students about the campaign and their end of term waste and recycling responsibilities. Please let Kath know if you will be attending so that we have an idea of numbers (


- Please continue to remind everyone you know about this years Get It Out For Cardiff re-use and charity collection of unwanted items. 20 green zones are set up across the city including 14 YMCA re-use banks – pin point locations here including ones at all student halls, Cardiff and Cardiff Met Student Union, next to Cathays railway station, along Cryws road outside Roy Jenkins hall. Please spread the word

- The scheme also includes extra waste collections in Cathays, Roath and Gabalfa over 3 weekends in June; 16th, 23rd and 30th for an early Saturday morning collection.

- Please could spend a few minutes completing this survey about with a chance to win an ipad

- We are in the process of working with the Student Police Initiative setting up start of term walkabouts to ensure our new students are aware of their social responsibilities so we will keep you informed of definite dates.

- We are always on teh look out for new volunteers, students or residents ready for the start of the next academic year - to learn a bit more about us visit here or e-mail Kath

Thank you for your continued support

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Community information message from PCSO David Lloyd

I am PCSO 55232 David Lloyd from the Neighbourhood Policing Team at Cathays in Cardiff.

It has recently been drawn to my attention that persons are removing black bin liners from wheelie bins and are then searching through their contents. This has occurred predominately around the rubbish collection days for the Cathays area of Cardiff. We are working in partnership with colleagues from Cardiff City Council to reduce this activity.

May we remind residents to only place your wheelie bins/black bags outside your property at the designated time for rubbish collection.

May we remind residents not to place any information into the rubbish that you wish to remain confidential. If you need to dispose of letterheads and bank statements then can you please ensure that they are destroyed and disposed of in the correct manner.

Any information regarding these incidents is asked to contact ! Cathays NPT 02920 527439 or Crime Stoppers 02920528013 anonymously 0800 555111

PCSO 55232 David Lloyd

Cathays NPT

Win an ipad

Thank you to all who have responded to our survey so far we have had some great responses, for your change to win an ipad spend just a few minutes completing this survey about for is a one stop website for student housing and living needs, addressing the needs of students and the community. The website is funded by a partnership made up of Cardiff Council with the three universities; Cardiff, Cardiff Metropolitan and Glamorgan.

To ensure we are meeting the needs of visitors please help us by completing this short online survey so that we can develop and assess its use. Your feedback it greatly appreciated. On completion you can enter into the prize draw for the chance to win an ipad

Thank you for your help

Monday, 28 May 2012

Student and Community Volunteer Awards

The Student and Community Volunteer awards which took place in May was a huge success, certificates were presented to our dedicated Environmental Champions, Student Police Initiative and Community volunteers.

Volunteers and thier certificates
The event was hosted by Cardiff Students Union and opened by Cardiff’s Vice Chancellor. We were pleased to see a range of partners and supporters at the event. A lot of the speeches at the event iterated what a great example of true partnership working the schemes have been and how barriers between various groups have been broken down.

Our dedicated Community Volunteers
Testament to the success of the initiatives has been bringing groups together; there has been a huge range and diversity of partners, groups and individuals that have supported this work which has proven that real synergies can be created. We look forward to continued success next year.

A huge thank you to Steph for organising this event and for all her tireless work this year.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Win an ipad

Spend just a few minutes completing this survey about for a chance to win an ipad is a one stop website for student housing and living needs, addressing the needs of students and the community. The website is funded by a partnership made up of Cardiff Council with the three universities; Cardiff, Cardiff Metropolitan and Glamorgan.

To ensure we are meeting the needs of visitors please help us by completing this short online survey so that we can develop and assess its use. Your feedback it greatly appreciated. On completion you can enter into the prize draw for the chance to win an ipad

Thank you for your help

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Get It Out For Cardiff Green Zones

20 Green Zones have now been set up across the city and student halls of residences and Unions. The Green Zones comprise of a collection for the:

YMCA (clothes/shoes/bags/textiles/electrical items/media/CD’s/DVD’s/books)

Food (tins, packets, jars, not fresh) for FareShare

Kitchen equipment (plates, mugs, utensils, pots and pans) for storage and re-sale at the start of term with proceeds to charity

The Green Zones compliment our YMCA re-use banks.

So when you clear out, donate it. End of term charity collection, when you clear out donate reusable goods to charity.

Green Zone collection points are located in Laundry rooms/Reception in halls of residences and Cardiff Student Union. Please sort items into the relevant charity bins.

14 YMCA re-use banks are located across the city to compliment these Green Zones

Campaign information including pin point google maps of the locations of the Green Zones and YMCA banks can be founds via:

First collection

The banks are located around Cardiff University, Cardiff Students Union, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Liberty Living and Victoria Halls across Cardiff. The first collection saw the YMCA pick up 53 6kg bags of re-usable items so approximately a third of a ton has been donated and saved from landfill already.

Each year at the end of term Green Zones are installed across halls of residences and unions to collect re-usable items for charity. Last year the scheme to collect re-usable items that previously would’ve been destined for landfill was a resounding success with over nine tonnes of items collected.

Get It Out For Cardiff is a Keep Cardiff Tidy partnership. The re-use campaign is lead by the cities Student Liaison Officer, Kieran McCann and Lucy Prisk from waste management. Kieran said:

“We are always looking at inventive ways to increase the scope of re-use so I’m delighted the YMCA has come on board with the partnership. This allows us to develop the scheme year round, increase re-use, continue to divert items away from landfill and benefit charities and the local community. This really showcases ongoing partnership commitments to civic pride and dedications to recycling”

Andrew Jenkins, YMCA manager said:

“We are thrilled to be involved and come on board with such an innovative scheme. “With the funds from donations we will develop more training placements on the YMCA Volunteer Scheme and invest in projects and services for homeless people at the Cardiff YMCA Housing Association. Our sincere thanks to Kieran, Lucy and the team for pulling this together”

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Cardiff win Varsity Cup and Shield while KWT keep it clean

On Wednesday Cardiff had much to celebrate at this year’s Welsh Varsity winning both the Varsity Shield and Cup.

The day saw Cardiff play Swansea in a range of grudge matches with the final score of 18 to Swansea’s 5.

Besides the day’s victories Cardiff had much to celebrate as they took those high spirits to the Millennium Stadium to watch Cardiff come out victorious to claim their fifth Varsity Cup win in 16 years of the Welsh Varsity. Final score was 33-13

With thousands of spectators and an attendance of 15,662 at the stadium there were plenty of revellers out on the glorious day. Keep Wales Tidy were tasked with being the clean up group for the Varsity events on Pontcanna fields and around the Welsh Institute of Sport.

From 1-7pm they had 40 volunteers working in 2 hour slots collecting and sorting the rubbish into recyclables and non recyclables. They even went as far as sorting ferrous from non-ferrous cans. Altogether, they collected 3 large bins of recycling, 1.25 large bins of general rubbish and 10 bin bags full of crushed aluminium cans.

Volunteers ranged from Cardiff Rivers Group, litter champions, Friends of Bute Park, Environmental Champions, BT and HSBC and supported by members from Cardiff Council's Recycling Team and the cities Student Liaison Officer.

The pictures from today, show the volunteers returning to the collections area with the sorted can line getting longer and longer.

Many of the volunteers took advantage of free tickets to watch the Varsity Rugby Game in the evening and enjoyed the atmosphere and a Cardiff win.

Chris Partridge, Keep Wales Tidy's Tidy Towns Funded Project officer for Cardiff commented

"I'd like to thank all the volunteers who were brilliant today. They worked really hard, were friendly to the students and coped with students coming in from all directions and both sides of the river. They cleared from 1-7pm clearing both sides of the River from Blackweir down to the end of Bute Park and all around WIS. It was a challenging day but most of the volunteers reported that the visitors from Swansea were very polite and placed bottles and cans in the bags as the volunteers passed by”

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Welsh Varsity has arrived

Throughout today the annual Cardiff v Swansea University, Varsity sports day is taking place. For all the match details visit:

The majority of games will be held in Pontcanna fields and Welsh Institute of Sport, before the flagship rugby match in the evening in the Millennium Stadium.

Keep Wales Tidy (
 have been recruited to manage the site for litter; so if you are taking food or drink to the site please use the litter bins provided or find one of the Keep Wales Tidy volunteers to give it too. Please don’t spoil the pitches and throw your litter on the floor

Consumer Advice Centre promotes StayPrivate service

As part of the Scamnesty drive to tackle scams and to protect vulnerable consumers, the Consumer Advice Centre of Trading Standards is promoting their Stay Private online service.

StayPrivate is a free and easy way of reducing the amount of unwanted mail and sales calls by bringing various marketing opt-out services together.

It’s a service offered by the Consumer Advice Centre in Bridge Street all year round, and allows consumers to register for the Mail Preference Service (MPS), Telephone Preference Service (TPS), and the Fax Preference Service (FPS)

In order to register, a consumer simply has to visit the office at 71 Bridge Street, Cardiff between 9 - 4:30, Mon-Fri.